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What if my database isn't organized?

First of all, stop feeling guilty! You are not alone! No agent we've met has an organized database and never has it been well managed. We do a tremendous amount of work organizing, scrubbing, setting it all up, and working with you to get it complete. "No relationship lost," is one of our mantras. It starts with our nailing your database so we can build on it.

Do I lose control of my database once I give it to you?

No. Your database will always be your property - and only yours! We believe philosophically that your database IS YOUR BUSINESS. No one else has a right to it - certainly not us. You can see every person in your database - on your phone app or laptop. You see every piece of data and every call, who was the last person who reached out, what happened on that call or text, etc. Whenever you wish to have a copy of your DB or if you ever wish to part ways  - we export every person to you and will not contact them again. 

What if I'm uncomfortable having someone else call some of my past clients?

That's a good thing! You shouldn't have someone else calling your best clients. You're the best person to do that, and we make it much easier for you to focus on those people. BUT....what about the hundreds of other people you've met somewhere, who came to an open house, clients you never call, leads you've only reached out to a couple of times ...or never, and all the people you've forgotten about? The future-life you want is created by a rock-solid database that's consistently called.

How long does it take to see results?

Sorry, there isn't a simple answer. There are so many variables in each agent's business. It truly depends on you, the agent: How many transactions have you closed, how rich is your database to start with, how many past clients do you have, how skilled and motivated are you, do you consistently engage in the weekly HUB Masterminds and other supports, etc ?  A Ferrari only performs as well as its driver, and so it is with the HUB.

Is AgentHUB a Lead Gen company?

Yes ....but probably not in the way you're thinking. We take lead gen to an entirely new level. The HUB is your formula for closing more deals with fewer leads. We're doing Lead Gen with every person. No gaps!

To clarify, we are not creating online ads for you to generate new leads, which is probably what you meant in your question.

We are focused on growing the big picture of growing the number of relationships in your entire database and maximizing the lifetime transaction-potential of each person. We accomplish this by doing the long-term follow-up with everyone - all the people your business has reached: past clients, sphere, contacts, open house mets and online leads coming from your own marketing or third-party lead gen company.

We are also integrating all of your Tech Stack into the HUB, including all your Lead Gen sources, so that each piece leverages off of each other. In this way we make your business run like a complete business that effectively uses every piece to keep you connected to and in-touch with a growing number of people across your career. That's the most powerful Lead Gen you could ever have!

Can I have my assistant (or future assistant) work in my HUB or am I the only person who can?

Yes, you can have an assistant work with you. In fact, we'll even show you in onboarding the right person to hire and how to structure that into your HUB as you grow.

It's important to clarify, we are not structured for a "traditional" team model, where multiple agents are all working from one database. We are the streamlined alternative to that model, which many experienced agents are looking for. We are your team-behind-the-scenes, so you can be powerful in the field and your business can grow powerfully into the future.

What training and support do you offer?

You'll come for the Follow-up, but you'll stay because of the Business Strategy Sessions and built-in accountability. We start with an extensive Onboarding process to set you up to win. Throughout Onboarding we teach you how to simply use and interact with a team behind you and a complete Business Growth System.

We give you a 30-minute weekly Kick-off with the info you need and the mindset and accountability nuggets to keep you and your business energized. There are also daily Drop-in hours for you to get questions answered, in addition to the easy-to-use Ticket system to submit questions or requests.

Just as importantly, we work closely with you throughout your career on how to work with greater ease and purpose to produce a higher return. We strategize with you quarterly on what's your next area of focus to build the business and the life you're out to achieve.

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