Heart-centered, purpose-driven, problem-solvers transforming how agents live.

What we're about.

We're on a mission to transform how agents operate so they achieve the success that feeds their soul, their family and their community.

Why are we doing this?

To have your success spill over into every area of your life.

As the industry has gotten mind-bogglingly complex, the quality of life of an agent has gone into the tank. For a decade we've worked to create a real answer for the committed agent with a big vision, who doesn't want to have to run a team of his/her own. We're not trying to be everything. We developed the company to work closely with you and do those critical things for you that are so necessary and so difficult to execute.  We are a fundamental element in your creating and sustaining success. 

We want "success" to do more than just fill your bank account. We want it to spill over into your family, your community and your legacy. It's absolutely possible doing it together.

Meet the Founders


Greg Head

It's not normal for a real estate company to have an engineer as a Co-Founder. Then again, Greg and AgentHUB 360 aren't very normal, either.

One of Greg's superpowers is his innate ability to see through a mass of detail and simplify the path. Greg spent ten years on the Management Team of a Fortune 500 Company as the director of IT before becoming fixated on solving the most significant problems in the real estate industry.

Greg learned two critical things from his experience: 1. People, process & technology must be put together in one system to create consistent results;  2. Business fundamentals and engineering principles are the same. That's why Greg engineered the HUB to be one place for agents to plug into to solve the complexity and inefficiency they struggle with in today's industry.

Over his 20-years as a professional real estate investor, Greg saw firsthand the chaos in the businesses of even the best agents he worked with. This lit a fire in his engineering mind to create the solution.

Greg has guided the growth of AgentHUB 360 as our CEO, most notably with his structured mind and mantra, "Grow slow to grow fast." Quality and completeness of the work must be first, so lasting results naturally occur, second.

It's probably Greg's great disposition, in addition to his process-focused perspective, that makes him a terrific coach of his younger daughter's hockey team and an outstanding Chief Horse-Mover & Stall-Mucker for his elder daughter's equestrian events. Other than that, we don't think he ever parts with his computer.

[In 2011, Greg co-authored a best-selling book, "Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cycle: An Investor’s Guide". The book shares a system to predict the real estate cycle for Investors and agents. "It wasn't about the money," he says ( rarely is for Greg). He's proud that 100% of the proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity.]


Kelly Darling

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Kelly has been a student of business since she was fifteen years old. "Business has always been a thrilling sport to me!" Not surprising when you realize she's a former professional figure skater, who later turned coach. 

Coaching is one of the many things that come naturally to Kelly. Through years of building businesses, her purpose has always been to inspire others to feed their soul, perform at their best and transform their lives. That powerful combination of developing business by developing people is the reason she is the perfect person to be our COO.  

In her first venture, Kelly bought a clothing store and expanded it into a chain of successful fashion stores. Typical of Kelly, while building that little empire, she bought an airplane and taught herself to fly. "Why? To get out of my own way," she said. "I wanted to learn how to coach the staff to run the stores effectively without my directing everything." Her goal was to empower each person to think like a business owner: "It was a game-changer for them, the stores, and me." 

Those early years were also the beginning of her real estate career, starting with buying the buildings her stores were in and leading to investing in dozens of other properties. Over time, Kelly has owned, managed and developed investments in numerous states and asset classes - from single-family and condos to multifamily and commercial. Seeing the challenges agents were having prompted Kelly to get her real estate license in 2009 so she could create a unique "Flex-Team" model that was to become part of the foundation of AgentHUB 360 several years later. 
With AgentHUB 360 built to fuel Agents, Kelly's passion for developing people and teams is a key in driving our culture and our clients' success.


Ben Eilers

Ben's love of buildings began at six years old, helping his father build a family cottage on a lake in northern Pennsylvania. With a coffee can of nails and hammer in hand, he bent more nails than he sunk that summer ...and loved every minute. Though he didn't know it then that moment spark a life in real estate.

Planning to go to graduate school to become a psychologist, Ben got a call after graduation from a small development company in San Francisco that was flipping Victorian apartment buildings. That call changed everything! Lured by historic architecture and adventures on the other side of the country, Ben drove west and never looked back.

That move led to getting his real estate license in California at twenty-five, which led to getting licensed in three other states, and a career  evolving from single-family to multifamily, from running a residential team to raising several hundred million dollars to reposition apartment complexes across the western half of the country.

When Ben started growing his business, agents had just started using cell phones. As the industry evolved, the increasing speed of technology dramatically increased the difficulty for agents to manage their business on their own. Seeing good friends and great agents struggle, ultimately led Ben and his wife, Kelly, to experiment with different business structures in search of a way to help agents succeed at a high-level.  AgentHUB 360 was borne out of that work.

Rather than being the psychologist he once thought of becoming, Ben fulfills his love of caring for people by being our head of Business Development. Cultivating relationships is the core of any business and definitely the core of what drives him. At AgentHUB 360, he spends his days aligning the right people and organizations with the company and ensuring everyone thrives ...and he loves every minute.


Our Core Values


We TRUST in our partners.

We DO what it takes.

We ELEVATE our mindset

We OWN it. 


Ready to GROW with us?